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AIA Continuing Education

I.  Earn AIA Credits Online through AECDaily

The Brick Industry Association has partnered with AECDaily to offer two new online courses and opportunities for architects to earn Continuing Education credits.  These 1-hour courses provides credits recognized by AIA, GCBI, and many others.

Feb 2016   Brickwork Aesthetics (HSW)
Brick's modular size gives it a level of design flexibility not found with many other materials. This course discusses how brick’s size, shape, texture, color, and position in a wall can be used to create walls with unique appearances. The addition of striking design elements through the use of details such as arches, recessed and projecting courses, brick sculpture, and specially shaped brick is also examined.

Click here to begin either of these courses and earn your Continuing Education credits.


II.  Earn AIA Credits Online through the Brick Industry Association


Each year, the Brick Industry Association publishes at least one new educational opportunity to its website that allow architects to earn AIA/CES credits online through our Brick In Architecture series. The content in each issue features multiple unique brick projects and includes a technical article that is tied to a relevant Technical Note. By reading the technical article, architects can then take the ten question quiz online to earn their AIA/CES credits.

You can read each of our Brick In Architecture issues or simply opt to take the online courses from each one.  Currently, BIA has the following technical articles available for credit:

 Dec 2014    Energy-Efficient Brick Masonry Cavity Walls (HSW)  Expires 9/19/20
 Dec 2013    Brick Arches (LU)  Expires 12/21/19
 May 2012    Brick Veneer With a Backing of Cold-Formed Steel Framing (HSW)  Expires 4/02/21
 Dec 2011    Specifying Brick for Durability and Beauty  Expires 12/03/20
 Dec 2010    Construction Administration of Brickwork (LU|HSW)  Expires 1/6/20
 Apr 2009    Colors and Patterns of Brickwork ( LU)  Expires 2/16/20

The process is easy, and BIA will submit your credits to AIA for you if your AIA number is provided.  We submit the online credits to AIA every two weeks.

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