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Why should you choose brick for your home?

Why Choose Brick
Beauty, Strength, Lasting Value, Energy Efficiency, Low Maintenance

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View the beauty and versatility of brick.

Shelter from the Storm
Homes built with brick provide better protection from wind-blown debris than homes built with vinyl or fiber-cement siding.

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Brick is a solid material that offers flexibility in design. This "Do-It-Yourself" section offers ideas for simple but elegant ways to create dramatic
architectural effects with brick. These projects are great for professionals in the brick industry as well as the "weekend warrior."



 Seven Steps Patio

Build a Brick Patio

Clay Brick Pavers

In the U.S., Americans have used clay brick pavers since the earliest colonial days. Some pavers are still
in service after 200 years. Today, many architects, homeowners, builders, designers and city planners prefer
clay brick pavers over other surfaces because of their superior color retention, unmatched durability, strength,
design options and low maintenance. For homeowners, clay pavers can transform garden pathways,
driveways and patios.

For larger hardscape projects, today's flexible paving systems are an ideal surface for adding warmth, elegance
 and smoothness to sidewalks, patios, plazas and roadways that handle vehicular traffic. Genuine clay brick is also environmentally-friendly and an
 excellent long term value.